Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2 posts in one day?! This one's crafty!

I couldn't stand Poppy growing without me recording it, so I made a growth
chart for her! Her 10 month status is marked just above 2 feet 3 inches!
I used some thick brown paper as my base and sewed the sheets together
with a zigzag stitch. Then cut out some a trunk from an old sheet and
sewed it on with about 8 straight stitches down its length.
Next I cut the bushy area at the top, well I lied I cut it all out and arranged
it, some in front of the trunk some in back. And obviously sewed the
stuff in back of the trunk on first,
then the trunk, then the front stuff.
Gave it a neat effect I think.
Then I laid out the chart and put rulers down each side.
Marked the feet and each inch with a purple crayon, and at each foot I
used alphabet stamps to do the lettering.
Then punched holes on top at either side and tied twine with a loop
knot to form a hanger and a place to stick a white crayon for marking her height.
Hung it on the wall and boom! Beautiful.
I love dreaming up ideas like this using a little inspiration from things I've
seen in books and online,
and combining that with what I've got around the house. And believe me I've
got so much stuff piled around I could start a craft store!
This is a spot in the living room. Hopefully the walls will soon be crayon blue.