Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Vision of Love and How to Retain it

2 images fell
on disparate eyes
and in falling they were separate
then came together in the spiral of her vision
simultaneously a child's pure vision
and her own, adult one
low and high
just like under and over a counter
she saw at once the frailty in his movements
and his strength
he, a past and a future
wrong decisions and overstatements,
a grand performance by this man
right here in front of her
his wrinkles were nothing short of mysterious, unexplored canyons
and his black hair, a sorcerer's mane
his fingernails, ringed in black,
obviously from some earthy
endeavours underground
or from erecting that castle today,
wasn't he a builder?

she knew this was lasting love,
the simplicity and grandeur
that children experience in every moment
every detail becoming a mythic story
the real and unreal fusing

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